Software Licensing & Implementation

CapZen is one of the leading global Software Licensing and solutions provider company. Our state-of-the-art operations and richly experienced team have earned special accolades worldwide. Our offering spans from Software procurement to software maintenance and software lifecycle management.

Our top-notch advisory team is well versed with technology roadmap for the thriving digital world. Our cutting-edge Software Installation experts are aware of all possible circumstances during the process.

What are the business benefits of Software Licensing & Implementation services?

Cloud Security

Whether it’s utilizing cloud services or relying on multiple clouds for storing your data. You can rely on CapZen for ensuring cloud security of your application ecosystem and protecting sensitive data.

Software license management and Optimization

Irrespective of your diverse businesses, we offer you with a single platform that offers actionable insights to manage your licenses. Our experts will offer to optimize your system by helping on with reclaiming and choosing right-size of licenses.

Shadow IT & Eliminate Redundant software.

With an eminent number of unaccounted software’s, businesses are wasting a significant amount of money. Our team of experts will analyze resource expenditures on redundant software spend across all cost centers and departments.

Software Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

Our diverse experience in handling potential bottlenecks into our client’s system has earned us special accolades. Our experts will detect possible exploitable vulnerabilities, impacted devices and provide immediate remediation. This in turn will protect your organization from future cyber-attacks.

Engineering License Management and Optimization

Manage your costly engineering applications while leveraging maximum output from them. Our experts will control license management and optimize concurrent usage.

Our Software Installation & Implementation services process?

 CapZen offers robust software licensing and implementation services where we offer guidance in implementation, consultation and training, We aim at planning and implementing solutions to leverage the utmost of their potential.

The experts on board, are nourished and experienced in handling critical issues while implementing. We incorporate proven methodologies into our software planning, layout design, smooth implementation of software and judicious monetization.

Licensing Setup

Through licensing setup, our experts will provide basic training related to software implementation. We will assist in developing environment setup while enabling software vendors and seamless integration of intelligent devices.

Operation Setup

Operation setup is the state-of-the-art engagement session, where we consult organizations in leveraging the utmost of their software. We forge environment for development and help in attaining best practices.

Licensing Prototype

This program is dedicated to giving our clients a head start to their software development. We intend to contract, learning curve of developers and minimizing time spent over licensing a project. Our eminent experience in Software Maintenance will be leveraged to curb unnecessary delays or project details.

Entitlement HUB build; Testing & Deployment

We offer business-oriented architecture to diverse software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers. Our design, implementation and integration guidance brings forth cutting-edge service-oriented solutions to our clients.

Common Licensing layer build and assist

Here we offer three diverse activities assimilated in one. Primarily we define the technical architecture and interfaces. Our team of experts will then perform development activities. The final step involves implementing and integrating licensing layer amongst all products.

Our diversified Software Licensing & Implementation services options include

Not sure about your software licensing and implementation strategy? CapZen can help you forge a strategy from ground zero. Our Software Maintenance consultants specialize in transforming your license vision into business objectives.

We offer a vision of a clear list of requirements to achieve from new licensing vision. Once our experts have outlined your business objectives and vision, we will proceed towards creating blueprints of your vision. From the lists of our expertise, prominent services are listed below

Traditional Purchase

Capzen helps our clients with traditional ways of procuring software licenses.

SPLA Licensing

We come to offer end-to-end support to service providers involved in Microsoft and Citrix solutions users. At the end of this scenario, the user is benefited, as they have to pay only for actual software usage.

Licensing Support

CapZen offers support and consulting to businesses with their existing and licenses. Our comprehensive and management approaches will help in optimizing your operational infrastructure.

Managed Software management

Outsource your tiring software lifecycle management to our expertise personals. This Software Installation service helps our clients in minimizing their project risks, costs and improvising long-term business performance.

SaaS-based Purchases

We offer assistance in procuring software licenses over subscription-based offerings. Since software are hosted in our datacenter, this helps our customers in saving considerable resources on expensive infrastructure.


Reconcile your software purchases with our effective licensing. This will in turn level up your license implementation positions and renewal.

Audit Support

Our audit support team will offer you’re with software licensing assistance when your business needs the most. Our experts will protect your organization from any possible reputational and organizational risks during a software audit.

Why CapZen for Software Licensing & Implementation services

  • We offer maximum saving for your through our versatile license models
  • Time-bound remainders for possible expiry
  • Tailor-made software licensing to suit your organizations evolving needs
  • Technical support and sales support for the entire product lifestyle.
  • Accurate usage and asset management records for maximizing asset utilization.
  • An extensive variety of cloud solutions and software applications including PasS, SaaS, IaaS and DaaS.
  • A comprehensive asset, software and compliance management service agency
  • At CapZen, we create optimization strategies based on your past application and software utilization data.

Add-on Software Licensing & Implementation services 

  • Licensing Research
  • Licensing optimization
  • Software procurement
  • Financial and contract analysis
  • Software discovery
  • Agreement renewal
  • License negotiation assists
  • Market intelligence and price benchmark
  • Audit preparation and mitigation
  • Compliance analysis and Post Audit Assistance

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