Data Annotation

CapZen Technologies is one of the leading data service provider companies, serving the best data annotation solutions. Our reliable solutions address modern problems to help your organization to reach the next level of success. We have deep expertise in various data formats and many industries that helps you to meet the services of your requirements.

CapZen has a high-profile network with 20 years of success in the IT industries. Our commitment is to serve you innovative and collaborative data solutions. Our vision is to strongly maintain your position in a competitive market.

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Our services are specially designed to meet your demands. We deeply understand your requirements for high-quality data, to annotate your data or the need for a professional annotator to handle your data. If you are seeking high-quality training data, CapZen Technologies is the best choice.

Why Capzen Technologies?

  • We believe in quality with accuracy

Get world-class services with the optimum accuracy level in every type of data annotation service. We regularly evaluate the performance to give you the best.

  • Privacy and security

CapZen Technologies is a certified company, having high ethical standards and values of data security and privacy while working on our client’s data. We ensure your confidentiality.

  • High Scalability

Our experts can handle various projects of different scales and intricacy. We offer a scalable solution as per your data annotation demands.

  • Customized Assistance 

Our team completes the project within the stipulated time as and when you want. We highly value your valuable time and so we provide customized assistance according to your preferences.

  • Budget-friendly pricing

We believe in giving cost-effective data annotation services of Al and ML having a high-efficiency result. Our services will help you to minimize the project cost.

The success of your project directly depends upon your choice of the right data service provider.

Data Annotation Services at CapZen Technologies 

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AL) is a new direction in the market that deals with plenty of data. We provide you with various assistance while saving your time and money.

  • Image Annotation 

Our experts provide excellent image annotations with necessary ideas of polygons, labeling, 2D and 3D bounding boxes, segmentation, landmark annotation, and so on.

  •  Text Annotation

We accurately organize and process large text files by evaluating keywords, data analysis, text classification, relationship extraction, word tagging, etc. Our team of experts has a great vision for serving clients.

  • Video Annotation

We are equipped with the latest video annotation tools to enhance your conclusions. Our experts follow a proper procedure for video annotations to get a high accuracy level of tracking.

  • Speech Annotation

We provide the latest services of speech annotation, especially useful for companies that need online speech recognition. Our services include audio interpretation, write documentation, and data findings from audio inputs.

  • 3D cloud Annotation

The modern trend is looking for 3D cloud processing. Our professional crew will help you to collect 3D data from the real world and apply 3D motion to detect them easily. We offer accessible services of high quality to our clients.

We help you with 3 main ideas.

  • Data collection
  • Data preparation
  • Algorithm Training

Data Annotations services for Various Industries 

CapZen Technologies serves a wide range of industries that are based on Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning models. We cover various industries with a high standard of quality and performance. We have specialists to meet your all expectations.

Industries we serve

  • Agricultural industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Information Technology
  • Robotics
  • E-commerce companies
  • AL Security-based companies
  • Autonomous Flying
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Staffing and Recruitment companies
  • Retail and online shopping
  • Smart city development
  • Insurance services
  • Gaming and sports

Why choose CapZen Technologies for Data Annotations services?

  • We invest in understanding your needs.
  • Holds flexibility and efficiency and quality assurance to help you.
  • Complete range of expertise in every field.
  • Ethical ideals of keeping your data confidential.
  • Cost-Effective and time-saving data annotation services.
  • Highly expert team to serve your needs.
  • Equipped with the latest technology software services.
  • Providers of next-gen technology.
  • Fast solution and service providers within your budget.
  • Get a solution for every problem.

Advance services by CapZen Technologies experts:

  • Understanding your data annotation requirements.
  • Customized solution for you in every case.
  • We provide multilingual support.
  • Variety of services and benefits for you.
  • We value your small and large projects to make you climb from startup to large enterprise.

You will completely be satisfied with our services that ensure a productive atmosphere and foster an achievement-based culture. CapZen’s support will help you to climb the steps of success. We will progress together.

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