Multimedia Localization

CapZen Technologies is a certified multimedia localization service provider with 20 years of successful delivering experience. Multimedia has become an inevitable means for global businesses to connect the audiences. CapZen brings you a combination of technical and translation skills to develop quality multimedia to reach your marked sources. We provide influential quality tools at affordable rates. CapZen’s experts serve rich content that fascinates society.

We believe in translating impressions to reach out to multiple cultures. Our multimedia expert board uses various global resources to get a professional touch and cutting-edge experience. With the support of CapZen’s experts add value to your project and get boosting business results. We ensure to handle every aspect of your project in the best manner.

Looking for trusted Multimedia Localization Support? Then explore the world of rich content services at CapZen Technologies.

Our multiple multimedia localization services will help you to explore the strength of rich content for every communication aspect. Our experts will help you in meeting your requirements of the voice-over artist, video marketing, presentation videos, product information videos, translating contents and much more with utmost accuracy and proficiency.

Our Multimedia Localization Services

In a techno-driven world, the power of rich media helps businesses to reach out to various cultures at a global level. And so, we are here to boost your potential at the global level by offering various services as below.

  • Voice over assistance

Get voice-over assistance for your advertisement, presentations, product description, broadcasts, films, pre-recorded films, teaching materials and documentary series. CapZen has a quality network with excellent voice-over artists who can speak and translate any given language with high-quality audio files.

  • Multilingual Subtitling videos and graphics

We provide quality multilingual subtitles for any kind of video and graphics in a popular layout with video subtitles or independent subtitles. We make sure to enhance the potential of your multimedia content. Our experts make your project much easier by handling all your needs.

  • Dubbing 

CapZen’s expert will help you in bringing life to your ideas by quality acting out the roles with translating with expressions and emotions you need. We offer professional artists and data security in a customized format. Client tailored services and On-time delivery are our basic principles.

  • Video Marketing Contents 

We understand that corporate marketing videos and promotional films are necessary for reaching out to the targeted audience in their cultural language. We provide video + audio processing assistance, translation with subtitles, editing images, texts and videos and much more as per your needs. We put effort to meet your expectations to reach out to your potential customers.

  • Website, app and e-learning Localization 

We bring out professional localization solutions to reach your target multilingual audience. We ensure you deliver high-quality content by localizing human resources, professional touch up and learning ideas.

Multimedia Localization Assistance for various Contexts

CapZen Technologies will help you in every possible way to reach your global customers and desired goals.

  • Video transformation and transcription
  • Websites and Apps transformation support
  • Virtual conferences and business presentation multimedia support
  • E-learning assistance and tailored support
  • Video Gaming and Mobile contents
  • Corporate films and promotional videos
  • Software localization services

Reasons for choosing CapZen Technologies as your supporting partner

Support of our professionals can enhance the value of your project in every marketing aspect. By choosing us as a multimedia localization partner, you can spread your message and ideas to an entirely new audience.

  •  We understand your multimedia needs and help to meet your needs, considering the duration and budget.
  •  We have a global network of translators who can speak and translate any language as their mother tongue to reflect your intended areas.
  • We offer high-standard quality assistance in every context you need.
  • We aim at protecting your data privacy and security. So feel free to share with us.
  •  A huge network of professionals with native speakers to help you to deliver your message correctly.
  •  We have prime recording studios located globally with the support of 70+ languages.
  • Every challenging task under a single roof with guaranteed successful results.

Looking for the professional touch of your project in the following terms.

  • Cutting-edge multimedia localization facilities by expert
  • Looking for the absolute impact of your content.
  • Promptly reach out your content to new customers at lower rates
  • The customized approach in every manner.

Advanced Multimedia Localization Services by CapZen Technologies 

We are available for your every request 24*7. Our team is highly experienced in serving various enterprises. We ensure to deliver the highest quality multimedia localization services with the utmost accuracy. We will be obliged to help you!

  • Offers customized solutions as per your business requirements
  • Multimedia Localization services to commercial and non-commercial organizations
  • A platform where you can save your valuable time and money and get the best results
  • Reliable solutions for every type of industries
  • Capacity to deliver more than 40 large projects daily
  • High level of accuracy and professional approach in localization services
  • Assured confidentiality of your project data

Our experts cater to all kinds of your business needs with great mastery. You can effortlessly find solutions for your needs when CapZen is with you.

We strive to be your IT partner in your business journey. We are ready to help you. Contact us now!