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The fundamentals of the Healthcare sector are consistently evolving. We at CapZen through our Healthcare BPO services help healthcare organizations with flexible and scalable solutions. The rising cost of operations and a shortage of skilled workers is certainly a pressurizing healthcare system.

We aim at minimizing operational costs and improve overall efficiency in delivering qualitative services. Our digitally disrupting Healthcare BPO services solutions are designed to cater to businesses of all class.

What are the business benefits of Healthcare BPO services?

 Since the healthcare industry is multifaceted and unique in its terms. At Capzen, we have come up with out-of-the-box solutions to meet evolving challenges and demands from communities we serve. As the best partner for all your Healthcare BPO Services needs, we can enhance your organization’s operations.

The prominent business benefits associated with Healthcare BPO are listed as below

  • Focus on Patient

When our healthcare specialists with the finest minds can allocate the time-consuming task to a healthcare BPO specialist, they can duly focus on patients. You can enhance your patient experience, while we handle your redundant and administrative tasks.

  • Cost-Effective

One can save eminent money by outsourcing, rather than hiring staff and training them. The significant amount of money saved can be rather utilized for enhancing the overall quality of healthcare business.

  • Upscale your offerings

Since you’re outsourcing a couple of your non-productive tasks, the time saved could be overall invested in growing your services. Varied new specialties could be added with the new time and financial resources saved.

  • Access to industry experts

When you choose the right Healthcare BPO Services, you add value to the existing team and organization. With directing the management of healthcare data to experts, one can rely on potential data processing.

  • Avoid costly mistakes

Medical information, patient records and other sensitive data, these things are very critical. Moreover, HIPPA rules can be at time challenging. A healthcare BPO partner will ensure all the guidelines are followed in data management. Adhering to regulations will ensure you avoid costly billing issues.

Our diversified Healthcare BPO options include

  • Medical coding services

Medical coding involves transforming critical medical diagnosis into a digital-friendly coding format. It helps accentuate medical billing and payment process. Healthcare provider depends on medical coding services for sustained business operation and outstanding return.

  • Medical billing services

Since healthcare personals have to care to maintain long term operations, making sure the data collection process is sustained. Moreover along with this optimising patient data while making sure billing process is accurate. This can be tiresome, thus Healthcare BPO service provider like Capzen offers its assistance for businesses of all size and mass.

  • Medical charge entry

Medical charge entry is one of the critical tasks on the billing process. The complexities involved in the process ensures, make this to be handled by professionals. A slightest of mistake might cost company fortune. At Capzen, we ensure all the medical charge entry are effective and accurate.

  • Medical record indexing

The medical record indexing is important for storing critical data extracted from patient diagnosis. Through medical record indexing, one can access and retrieve important data. At Capzen, we digitally index and manage all records.

  • Medical collection services

Unpaid medical expenses are posing trouble for the healthcare system. At Capzen, we help high-end healthcare companies in reclaiming their unpaid medical expenses. Our customized medical collection services enhance overall customer experience and reduce the cost of collection.

  • Medical data entry

Since digitization has waved every sector, Medical sector does hold critical data. It becomes essential for hospitals to store their patient details digitally. We help healthcare organization with medical data entry. This helps them easily access data and retrieve critical data on an emergency basis.

Why Capzen for Healthcare BPO services

  • Value for Money services

Remove all the burden of back-end time-consuming healthcare process to us. Outsource your healthcare management service to experts with genuine experts. We value your money with high-quality service

  • 24/7 Services

Since time is a very critical factor when considering healthcare industry. Our experts ensure that seamlessly thriving by providing round-the-clock services. We enable you to work any of the days, without compromising on the work.

  • Reliable services

Our team of experts will take over the project and start delivering over the project with utmost quality. Every data is cross-checked by double, to ensure our clients have no issue in their operations. Our state-of-the-art quality control parameters are meant to deliver the utmost quality, productivity and value.

  • HIPAA & ISO 27001 certified

One should only rely on the Healthcare BPO services provider that is adhered to guidelines of HIPAA & ISO 2700. Considering the criticality of information, we comply with all world-class regulations, while guaranteeing the safety of your information.

  • Top-notc talent pool

Feel confident with our talent pool, since we have only the creamy layer of talent working for us. Our skilled agents are well accustomed to the technicalities of the project. We always aim to deliver value through our top-notch talent pool working for us.

  • Tailor-made solutions

At Capzen, we offer the most for what you pay through our custom-fit solutions. Through our constructive efforts, we customized dedicated solutions as per your need. This ensures you pay only for what you use.

Add-on Healthcare BPO services

  • Change Entry
  • Claims transmission and Processing
  • Credit Balances
  • Denial Management
  • Eligibility Verification/Pre-insurance Verification
  • Medical Billing and Collection
  • Medical Coding
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Reports
  • Provide enrolment and credentialing
  • Payment posting
  • Patient follow-up/Patient statements
  • Medical Records indexing
  • Medical data entry

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