IT Staffing

CapZen Technologies is an industry leader in IT staffing solutions. We have certified highly trained and top-shelf talent to help your organization in meeting progressive goals. With a pool of 70+ IT staffing recruiters, we help you with screened talent that meets your distinguished skillset requirements.

At CapZen, we leverage our enormous network build over 20 years in the IT services and solutions industry. We commit to providing you with top-notch talent. Our robust screening processes will ensure performance-driven talent.

What are the business benefits for IT Staffing?

  • The Right Talent

Irrespective of your placement needs, Contractual, Temporary or Permanent. We help you with a match of the right talent for your thriving business needs.

  • Access to Senior Talents

Richly experienced and senior talents in the industry can help you out-scale your business goals.

  • Reduce Hiring Time

Customized Recruitment and staff hiring through IT staffing can help you cut down on time-consuming aspects like advertising-posting jobs and conducting multiple interviews.

  • Accessed to Diversified IT Professionals

Business can straightforwardly recruit Business analysts, Architects, Network Specialists, Developers, Project managers, Application specialists and IT support staff within a flick of hours.

Our IT Staffing Process

  • Understand your Needs and Requirements

We understand your business, its strengths, loopholes and goals. We will deeply study your operations and suggest an ideal candidate with respective responsibilities and roles.

  • Customized Recruitment Plan

Once all the data is ready with us, we forge a customized plan adhering to your business needs. Our competent networks contacts and alliances over professional organizations help us the top talent of the country.

  • Shortlisting and Verifying candidates

As we have identified the right talent from our pool, we shortlist candidates through our robust mechanism. Upon background checks and professional reference, we forward your prospective profiles.

  • Finalizing talent and Job offer

Our experts will help you with choosing the final talent for your company. Upon managing final negotiations and signing the offer letter, we offer end-to-end services.

Our diversified IT Staffing Options include

Acquiring engineering talent is not a gruesome task, what takes toil over businesses is hiring professionals with right skillset and expertise. CapZen technologies hold’s pedestal position as an IT Staffing Company. Here are our prominent experts with customized solutions for multinational companies.

  • JAVA Developers

JAVA proficient field experts have eminent experience and the right skill set to guide your business with critical support and technical solutions for businesses.

  • Graphic Designers

Our Graphic designing experts can uplift your corporate brand image through vivid visual creations.

  • AR App Developers

Capzen Technology can provide you with enriched Augmented Reality app developers. Our vivid talent of AR developers on-board can offer an intuitive and customized experience.

  • OpenCart Developers

The richly skilled and experienced OpenCart developer talent is rightly available to offer you with intuitive and innovative E-commerce & online business solutions.

  • Oracle Application Developers

Oracle experts on board at CapZen Technologies can help you with all sorts of technical assistance including Integration, Upgrade, Development and Migration amongst Oracle products.

  • LAMP Developers

Our highly competent LAMP experts can take over your porting, migration and testing of LAMP architecture applications.

  • Blockchain Developers

Our Blockchain experts can assists and manage all your virtual currency transactions while adhering to security guidelines.

  • IOS/iPad App Developers

Our IOS and IPad developers hold the potential to create a latest and intuitive software tools. We can help you with the right set of talent to propel and track your businesses.

Why CapZen for IT Staffing?

  • Versatile and On-demand staff with vivid skillset for specialized Job requirements
  • Cost-effective and saving on infrastructural costs
  • Improved quality and efficient staff
  • Minuscule HR Management and Payroll expenses
  • Transparent recruiting process with clearly defined terms & conditions
  • Seamless migration to newer technologies
  • Faster staffing process with low liability on companies
  • Zero expenses on candidate background checks

Add-on services our Talent acquisition specialists can offer

  • Assess your business needs and goals
  • Search specialized talent in the market
  • Re-write job descriptions, adhering to your business needs
  • Interview and pre-screen candidates for your company
  • Conduct resource assessment and re-organize company manpower

When your organization needs fresh talent to meet your progressive goals. We help organizations in running their IT environment at their full throttle. Drive over ladders of success with our time tested screening processes. For detailed consultation on IT staffing, reach out to us.

We strive to be your IT partner in your business journey. We are ready to help you. Contact us now!