IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Management is the backbone of any organization. IT Infrastructure Management services are the one that upholds 24x7x365 for a seamless stakeholder experience. Current times are when businesses are upholding over agility and reliability. Whereas most IT Infrastructure teams are solely emphasizing on security and availability

At CapZen we believe in bridging this gap through our business-centric approach. Our IT Infrastructure Management solutions are the epitome of your robust IT future. We emphasize on business agility, reliability, time-value by reducing overall technical debt.

What are the business benefits of IT Infrastructure Management services?

  • Critical Partnerships

One can escalate their business with leading distributors and OEM’s like Manage Engine, Microsoft, VMWARE, Ingram Micro and Red hat.

  • Eminent Choices

At CapZen, one can choose from our diversified services including Onsite, Remote and Hybrid monitoring and support.

  • Versatile infrastructure

We offer access to innumerable operational tools and methods, which can be leveraged in excelling business.

  • Upgrading operations

Consistent improvement in services and operations over multiple levels has clearly defined our approach towards SLA’s.

  • Thriving Efficiency

Our focused efforts in efficiency enhancement and better perforce of capacity management has upscale profits for our clients. Exhaustive planning to attain better Capex and Opex optimizations.

  • Cost Optimization

We offer the best of IT Infrastructure Management services through remote locations, helping our clients maximize their profits.

Key aspects of our IT Infrastructure Management process

  • Incident Management

Our experienced team makes sure all incidents are closed and managed are grass-root levels with a well-defined SLA. We ensure taking care of SRT & RCA for all major incidents.

  • Availability Management

Our team exhaustively identifies all KPI’s and sort’s all of them as per SLA.

  • Documentation

As guidelines are driven firm, we keep a tab of all documents while considering them as an organizational asset. We effort in documenting all steps of IT Infrastructure Management, procedures and process we implemented for potential future references.

  • Reporting

Our team takes periodic services and reviews for potential operational and environmental threats. Based on vulnerability, we provide guidelines to provide any outages.

  • Problem Management

The problem resolving team takes over and closes all problem tickets while handling RCA.

  • Reform Management

All potential changes approved under the Change Advisory Board (CAB) are listed. The listed modification proceeds for rapid implementation.

  • Service Improvement Plans

Once our client is stable with their infrastructure. We emphasize the processes for better justification of resources.

Our diversified IT Infrastructure Management options include

Our team prides over our potential to create, calibrate and manage intrinsic components of IT Infrastructure Management. At CapZen, we follow the highest industry standards procedures in handling IT infrastructure elements. A short glimpse to aspects of our IT Infrastructure Management service are listed below

  • Hybrid Cloud

Exploit the eminent benefits of public clouds while keeping a trail of things as a private cloud. This ensures dynamic and better-optimized workload placement.

  • Network

Incorporate a clear strategy to boost your network capacity while deploying new technologies to solidify efficiency.

  • Services and User experience management

Leverage the eminent skills and tools for seamless operation of your cloud estate. Collectively it boosts your employee experience.

  • Cyber Security Services

Drive-in better confidence over the security of your network and enterprise operations. We have got you covered for enabling, transforming and sustain through our Cybersecurity service solution.

  • End-User Computing

The abundant rise in computing solutions has opened to issues of alignment with the environment. CapZen offers versatile Lifecycle IT Infrastructure Management services to offer better optimization to technological devices.

  • Knowledge management

We help organizations with transitions from organic enterprise knowledge into digital assets. We offer end-to-end organization off digital assets by incorporating technical, business and compliance relationships.

Why CapZen for IT Infrastructure Management services

 IT Infrastructure Management services offered by CapZen are most sought after. In general IT Infrastructure management takes a toll on decision-makers. Here we have a couple of aspects which will help you broaden your customer outreach while letting us handle all the hassles.

  • Service Availability

Our team is working round-the-clock to offer you with the services. Our executives will adjust response times based on your working hours, irrespective of locations.

  • Proactive approach

Our team at CapZen emphasizes preventive maintenance rather than incident handling, thus problem can be curbed before starting.

  • Wide infrastructure coverage

At CapZen, we are fortified to support our basic & enterprise clients with end-to-end design and support system.

  • Certified Experts

The eminent experience our team holds in implementing large scale IT Infrastructure Management has been acknowledging at international forums. High credentials of international certificates backed by customer feedback have boosted our morale.

  • Pricing policy

Our billing terms are always driven by customer-centric policies. Our clients can leverage transparent and flexible payment options.

 Add-on IT Infrastructure Management services

 CapZen provides end-to-end IT Infrastructure Management services in a well-defined service level agreements (SLA’s), diverse governance models and escalation processes. With an eminent client base of fortune 500 companies, we value your time. Our collective approach in reducing down expenses and escalating profits through IT Infrastructure Management services has earned us a special market place.

  1. Applications
  • Application Analytics
  • Remote Performance optimization
  1. Enterprise systems
  • Directory Service and data centers integration, maintenance, support and migration.
  • E0mail & VoIP System integration, monitoring and update.
  1. Websites & E-commerce solutions
  • Performance monitoring & Support
  • Security
  1. Servers
  • Server updating and hardening
  • 24/7 server monitoring

At the end of the day, your organizational success will be gauged by successful digital transformation. Allow CapZen to take care of your infrastructure while delivering maximum profits.

We strive to be your IT partner in your business journey. We are ready to help you. Contact us now!