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At CapZen we understand how sensitive your medical data is. We are totally HIPPA compliant and adhere to strict privacy protocols.

We help healthcare providers in more efficiently managing services such as Clinical Documentation, Medical Segmentation, Credentialing and Contracting, Medical Practice Consulting, Credentialing and Enrolment, Medical Billing & Coding, Revenue Cycle Management, and Auditing services.  We focus on delivering cost-effective solutions based upon revenue model and and building a prevailing customer list.

The CapZen team strives to achieves operational excellence by solidifying internal backend and frontend processes for better service delivery by focusing on excellent designs, faster review cycles, effective turnaround time, higher efficiency and most importantly, happy clients.

Our Services

  • Clinical Documentation
  • Medical Transcription and Chart Review
  • Medical Annotation and Segmentation
  • Multimedia, Captioning & Subtitling, CCSL, Transcribing
  • Medical Billing Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management Services
  • Medical Coding and Auditing
  • Credentialing Services

We strive to be your IT partner in your business journey. We are ready to help you. Contact us now!