NON-IT Staffing

Today’s eminent and cut-throat competition, acquiring personals with multiple skillsets are high in demand. We help our worldwide clients with after-talented Non-IT staffing needs to meet their specialized jobs.

We are at the helm of becoming best Non-IT Staffing Company while nurturing overall service experience to our fortune 500 clients. Eminent experience gained over the years has helped us build an innovative, AI-Human backed screening infrastructure. We wish to bridge the talent gap across all verticals of Non-IT Staffing.

What are the business benefits of Non-IT Staffing services?

 Automated Screening

Based on the job requirements, our team holds special infrastructure to segregate the best of candidates while incorporating the client’s request.

Large Acquisitions

We are capable of providing talent in huge numbers. Our cutting edge Non-IT Staffing process is versatile to screen-out large candidates while adhering to guidelines.


Our enriched experience gained over the years has helped us to optimize operational costs for our clients. This in turn has helped our clients in making cost-effective deals.

Flexible Solutions

Capzen Technologies bring-forth flexible Non-IT Staffing solutions for our worldwide clients. This in turn is beneficial for our clients with diverse operations and ultimately maximizing their profits.

Personalized assistance

We have dedicated business analyst handling your project. This in turn has been aimed at preventing our clients from making hostile mistakes while recruiting their workforce, which ultimately will affect their profits.

Our Non-IT Staffing Process

 There is an immense rise in the pedestal of expertise desired from an employee. To ensure our worldwide client’s expectation we bring a juggernaut of Non-IT professionals. Our customized staffing plans ensures top-notch workforce are acquired. A flick view of our Non-IT Staffing process is as below.

Sketch-Out Development

The team of experts in this stage analyses open positions at the company, their eligibility criteria and potential skills. We provide descriptive conditions for a candidate to meet with.

Forging strategies

Once we have analyzed open positions, we list out a potential way to fill them. The Non-IT Staffing team at CapZen prepares strategies to list-out and approach the best of the talent.

Screening and Shortlisting

Since Non-IT Staffing, comprises of multiple expertise and domains we incorporate screening of each candidate personally. Our team goes through each point as mentioned in the resume and proceeds towards screening.


The expert team at CapZen Technologies is well versed in catering our worldwide clients with quality hires. We screen candidates based on expertise, academic qualifications and professional achievements.

Do our diversified Non-IT Staffing options include?

 Using our extensive diversified HR Networks and an eminent pool of resources, CapZen Technologies has attained pedestal in Non-IT Staffing. The robust experience gained over the years has helped us forging strategies in minimizing time and cost expenditure during hiring cycles.

Our tail made Non-IT Staffing solutions are renounced enough to target the unique needs of our renewed clients. At CapZen, we offer all sort of Non-IT Staffing solutions including Contract staffing, permanent staffing and many more.

The prominent verticals we offer our services are listed below.

  • Counsellors
  • Front office executives
  • Executive secretary and Personal Assistant
  • Accounts – Accountants, Finance Managers, Auditors, CA/ICWA Professionals
  • HR Managers, HR Executives
  • Production / Mechanical Departments
  • Corporate heads of all departments
  • Vice Presidents, Branch managers
  • SEO/SME Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Researchers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Development Manager

Why CapZen for Non-IT staffing services?

  • Reduced Costs to expand your business in other domains
  • Experienced Recruiters to deliver utmost quality
  • Expert Guidance from pre-recruitment to post-recruitment.
  • Better scalability for your product
  • Skilled workforce to fulfil your company targets
  • Flexibility in services to offer you an overall better experience
  • Fast Response Time over any hindrances in the project

 Add-on Non-IT Staffing Services

From shortlisting to their interview at various stages and up to their first day at work, CapZen Technologies ensure the candidate is fully committed to your goals. The vivid services we offer our clients are listed below.

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Rigorous account vetting
  • Assistance with drafting job specifications
  • Fast and Relevant CV shortlisting
  • Management information reports
  • Access to comprehensive data on our 600,000 Non-IT professionals worldwide.

We strive to be your IT partner in your business journey. We are ready to help you. Contact us now!