Network Services

A well designed, secure, and reliable network is the supporting element to any organization. Ultimately all the IT infrastructure depends upon cabling, wireless devices and switches adjoining all the devices through a dedicated Networking Services.

At CapZen, we have networking specialist on board taking care of end-to-end networking issues. The network is expected to offer better interaction with customers and improve overall efficiency. Our Excellency in latest technologies has helped us attain topmost pedestal.

What are the business benefits of Networking Services?

Acquire a future-proof Hybrid network

We will help your business from being technologically obsolete. Our team of experts will incorporate the latest technologies including SD-WAN. Our tried and tested technologies will offer a robust network at minimal risks.

Focus on your core business

Delivered and managed by industry experts, we will take care of network connectivity, 24/7 support while proactively monitoring and patching lapses. Let us handle your network hassles, while you focus on business growth.

Access to Capzen Brain trust

Get access to a creamy workforce of technical experts, specialized in cutting-edge technologies. We will take care of all the network-related issues.

Simplified supplier management

We offer the advantage of high-end responsiveness and convenience of a single technological partner. Simplify your operations while minimizing risks through our one-stop security cloud, and unified communications.

Transparency and Control

Every strategic document, meeting minutes and query tickets are available on our portal in real-time. Every progress in the project can be traced online and necessary actions can be taken in regards to compliance measures.


The versatility of our networks is top-notch to satisfactorily cater your organization’s demands irrespective of size. The state-of-the-art solutions provide you with the liberty to upscale your operations irrespective of industry vertical.

Our Networking Services process

Network Assessment

Since networks are consistently evolving with the new dynamic business are offering to their audience. At Capzen, we perform thorough Network assessment to offer state-of-the-art platform customized as per your business needs.

Whether you are planning for relocation, rapid expansion, downsizing operations or simply expanding capacity; the network assessment is an ultimate prerequisite.

Network Engineering & Implementation

Rampant network intricacies have certainly completed organizations to move from single-dimensional legacy environment to multi-dimensional cross-application ecosystem. At Capzen, we help you with a seamless transition, customized as per your workflow and resource availability.

We design, deploy and maintain your cross-functional processes through our Network Engineering & Implementation Services.

Site Survey

This process involves designing and planning a network. We offer a detailed survey report comprising of wireless interference diagrams, coverage maps and access point locations with details of pictures and installation instruction and recommended bill of materials.

This process is taken over our engineer attending site to gauge various parameters while operating.

Field Maintenance

Capzen offers comprehensive field services to support assessment, installation, optimization and maintenance of network systems and servers. Our in-depth understanding of field complexities implementation processes and network equipment has earned us special accolades.

The team of technical experts and consultants offer end-to-end support in scalable short-term & long-term projects.

Network Installation

We hold expertise in offering voice and data network installations for standalone and supported configuration services. Our designers and installers co-create a virtual and physical network that meets your business needs.

We do ensure that your existing network is altered with minimal disturbance. We can seamlessly install diverse network devices including routers, firewalls, switches, wireless networks and IP telephony solutions.

Network Cabling

Cabling can certainly be havoc for business when integrating new equipment with the on-site server. Our teams are highly experienced in re-routing your system cables while making them invisible. We re-configure your wireless network systems into the existing one while enhancing data transfer speed.

Our diversified Networking Services options include

SD-WAN, MPLS & Hybrid Network

Our customized Network solutions offer you end-to-end network solutions optimized as per your performance needs. A hybrid infrastructure that escalates overall performance.

Managed Network Devices

Managing and monitoring network can be a gruesome task, our highly skilled engineers are there take care off. Leave network operation upon Capzen while saving crucial time, reducing admin cost and improving results across organizations.

Business Internet Service

Catering cloud-first technology and our client’s online media businesses, we have a wide range of business internet services. Curated to use them on your office/home locations. These networking services can be established with or without personal layers of security.

Network Security Services

In the situation of rampant cybercrimes, Capzen offers uncompromised protection to your business operations. Whether handling your data center or core network, we’ve got you covered. Discover with our top brains on broader security strategy.

Why Capzen for Networking Services?

  • Real-time network analysis, interruption discovery and resolution.
  • Seamless assimilation across multiple devices worldwide at 24/7.
  • End-to-end visibility and record of network performance
  • Granular control over network
  • Eliminate all potential communication roadblocks while on the move
  • Ensure maximum efficiency of network infrastructure
  • Automate rudimentary network tasks with rugged artificial intelligence tool
  • Seamless application delivery with higher output

 Add-on Networking Services

Data networking solutions from Capzen enable enterprise by improving their efficiency. Prioritizing real-time business intelligence backed by robust voice, video, data and multimedia communications. We offer a diverse range of Networking Services.

Since every business is unique, so do are networking solutions. Our Networking Services team will closely work with you to select the optimum solution for your business.

  • LAN, WAN & MAN
  • Applications switching and optimization
  • Multi-service switches
  • Ethernet & Metro routing switches
  • Network management
  • Secure routers
  • WLAN, Security & VPN
  • Secure network access switches
  • Network management
  • Switches firewalls
  • VPN gateways & Routers
  • Threat protection systems
  • Wide area file services
  • Wireless networks & Mesh
  • WiMAX

We strive to be your IT partner in your business journey. We are ready to help you. Contact us now!